Ote Hall Farm – Sussex Beef Cattle

The Godman family have farmed at Ote Hall for over five hundred years, and they have been producing prize winning cattle for decades.

Today the cattle are locally sourced and carefully selected from Sussex pedigree specialist herds, at 6 – 12 months of age. The cattle are traditionally and extensively reared at Ote Hall, where they mature slowly, spending the summer grazing the pastures.

During the winter they are housed on deep straw litter, and fed on a diet of our meadow hay and home grown barley and beans. Our quality slow matured cattle are in high demand for the exceptional marbling of fat, which ensures a lovely flavour.

It is believed that today’s Sussex breed is descended from the draught red oxen cattle that inhabited the dense forests of the Weald, at the time of the Norman Conquest.

Arthur Young Junior wrote in the 19th century that the cattle “must be unquestionably ranked among the best in the Kingdom.”

Each beast is carefully selected for private sale to butchers and farm shops. When placing orders for whole carcases, it is advisable to allow at least four weeks notice. For more information please contact us:

Carola Godman Irvine
Great Ote Hall, Wivelsfield,
East Sussex, RH15 0SR
t: 01444 232179
m: 07802 374 222
e: otehall@gmail.com